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Children play to be older, creating their imaginary world, where they can drive, have a house or go camping with their 4x4. FEBER helps them discover their world, to communicate and interact. The Feber extensive range of houses, battery-powered vehicles, ride toys and garden toys are proof of that.

These toys are manufactured in facilities that Famosa has in Alicante, toys that are made with all the care, safety and comfort that children deserve.

Feber was founded in 1956 in Ibi, Alicante, in the valley called Toy

Innovation, safety and comfort have always been key aspects that are reflected in its articles.

In 2005 the toy company Famosa Feber acquires, according to plan strategy based on international expansion and consolidation of the channel.

In 2010 Feber Opens a new factory in Monterrey Mexico Feber, following the internationalisation of Famosa.


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